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Contact Customer Service

  • You can contact our Jacadi customer service team by email or telephone during:
  • Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
  • Contact us by telephone: 0203 794 9947
  • Due to a technical fault, our customer service hotline is currently out of order. Please contact us by e-mail and we will get back to you shorty. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.
  • Contact us by email:

    In order to help us fulfill your request to the best of our ability, please include the following details:
    - If your request concerns an order placed online: please provide your order number.
    - If your request concerns a product: please provide the reference number and the date on which you made your purchase.
    - For all other requests: please provide all necessary details.

All queries will be dealt with by our online customer service team who will endeavour to get back to you within 24hrs.