Drawn characters depicting a family taking a walk and animals in a parisian park

Jacadi cherishes childhood, preserves the transmission of French expertise, encourages creation and innovation for a better future.

This pledge to safeguard, advance and share comes to life through three sustainable and meaningful commitments: quality always and forever, sustainable actions and human gestures.

We are aware there is still a lot to be done yet we are determined to step forward, day by day, with humility and determination, to always promote solidarity, grow in a sustainable way and find better ways to create.

Jacadi, tomorrow is today

Sustainable Actions

Jacadi is committed to creating and manufacturing products made with more sustainable materials to limit our environmental impact.

Sustainable actions

always and forever

Jacadi carries on the tradition and preserves a unique know-how, to manufacture sustainable quality clothing, that can be transmitted to siblings.

Jacadi know-how

for Humanity

Aware of our social responsibility, we pledgeto respect for the women and men we work with, through concrete actions.

Acting for Humanity

Sustainable actions

Making a promise is one thing, keeping it is better. Jacadi is committed to creating and manufacturing products made with more sustainable materials to limit our environmental impact.

For the Spring/Summer 2022 collection, 72% of our clothes are made with materials more sustainable ( v. 68% for the last collection): organic cotton form organic farming, Repreve fibre, sustainable RWS certified wool, cashmere made of recycled material, shoe recycling… Those concrete actions help protecting the world that we want to pass on to future generations.

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Organic cotton

Our safe production is guaranteed by the choice of a labeled organic cotton grown on organic farms, regularly inspected and following European regulations. No synthetic chemicals are used in the process

Repreve fiber Logo

Repreve fibre

Jacadi uses the Repreve fiber, the first fiber made from recycled materials (including bottles) to manufacture its clothes. Unlike the virgin fiber, this process does not use non-renewable natural resources. It can make a difference for our future and our children’s.

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Animal welfare

Banning fur, using sustainable certified RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) wool and natural feathers and down guaranteed RDS (Responsive Down Standard); all these actions are little gestures ensuring a more sustainable production.

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Denim Water Saving

This innovative process for dying denim requires twice as less water during the washing process. Certified Ecocert, this technique guarantees a more sustainable production and helps reducing resources waste.

Logo GRS (Global recycled Standard)

GRS, remarkable label

The GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification guarantees a production made with recycled materials.

Quality always and forever

For children to be comfortable in their clothes, Jacadi carries on the tradition and preserves a unique know-how. From the creation of the design to the choice of noble fabrics, Jacadi quality relies on our close attention to refined details and finishes.

Passing on the sense of elegance and the appreciation for beautiful things to younger generations is at the heart of everything we do.

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Drawn character depicting a woman sewing.


Perfect example of the Jacadi handcraft expertise, our sewing templates will allow you to make adorable iconic Jacadi pieces.

Discover sewing patterns
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Care of fine materials

Recommandations, advice, protection and cleaning… Taking care of your clothes to ensure they last longer..

Care guide

for Humanity

Re-enchanting childhood by spreading awareness is the path Jacadi has chosen to take for many years. Through our support to families, we pledge to celebrate diversity and promote open-mindedness towards one another.

Supporting early childhood development, empowering women, advocating for working mothers, multiple little gestures that added together are shaping the optimistic future that we wish to offer to the next generations.

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Drawing depicting a woman with a Tohana bag

Jacadi ♥ Tohana

When Jacadi and the Malgache Tohana association meet, they create lovely Jacadi x Tohana bags. By buying one you support a project that helps unemployed mothers to find a job. Available in Europe

Drawn character of a little girl playing with a bird

Mini donation

Help children to reconnect with a more joyful life, this is the reason of Jacadi’s involvement with the association France Parrainage. By making a mini-donation to the association, you contribute to projects that supports children well-being. Available in Europe.

Drawing depicting a woman knitting

Love maille

Every year, Jacadi presents a collection of adorable hand-made pieces knitted by the women of the Amitié Partage association. This long-term project helps women in need to regain confidence in themselves, so they can feel serene enough to go back to employment. Available in France.

 Drawn character of a man giving a hand to a woman

Solidarity day

Since always, the Jacadi commitments are the beating heart of the company. The heart of a collective, of a committed and united team, that helps charities for childhood protections during the solidarity day.