Smiling baby having his head stroked Smiling baby having his head stroked

Baby care rituals

For baby’s toilet, bath or massage, Jacadi skincare and cleansing products, with their delicate formulas and soft childhood scents, gently assist the parent-child ritual day after day.

All our products are made in France from more than 90% natural ingredients. They respect baby's skin from birth and are ideal for the whole family.

The bath ritual

If the temperature of the bath is essential (it should be 37 °C), as well as the water level (12 cm max.), the ambient temperature of your bathroom should also be taken into account. During bath time, it should be between 22 and 24 °C in both summer and winter. The rule for soaping is simple: from the cleanest to the least clean (usually the baby's bottom), making sure to clean the skin folds. Avoid wetting the face to avoid stressing your newborn.

From his first bath, to avoid your baby getting cold, you should immediately wrap him in his towel or bathrobe, covering his head carefully. His skin is thin, so gently tap it to absorb the water, without scrubbing. And don't forget the little folds.

Once you have put these tips into practice, you will be free to enjoy all the tender moments that the bath has to offer. Including laughter!

The massage ritual

Between mother, baby and jacadi multi-care dry oil, there is a sweet story that travels through generations. The baby massage session (without therapeutic intent) is a moment of complicity between baby and his parents. It helps to relax and awaken baby to his body image, to the tender and reassuring touch that gives confidence. The contact of the hand is reinforced by the exchanged glances, the shared smiles, as well as by the voice whose soft vibrations are felt by the ears and the whole body of baby.

The session is ideally done after the bath, in a warm room, on a changing table or on on a bed with a towel.

The moisturizing ritual

The moisturizing ritual is slowly becoming more autonomous and a shared moment. Each Jacadi skincare product moisturises and cares for the skin of babies, children and their parents. Rich in hyaluronic acid, Jacadi face cream is formulated for all ages and gently protects all skin types. It acts as an anti-dehydration shield to protect sensitive skin from redness and dryness, leaving the skin soft, smooth and silky.