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Find all the models of coats and jackets for baby girls from 1 to 36 months: Wool coat, pea coat, parka, burnous, jacket... Clothes for girls comfortable and elegant, dedicated to the comfort and well-being of the baby.
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Baby girl coats with timeless charm

When the cold sets in, it is essential to dress your little girl in a warm coat to avoid any chills. A cosy coat, yes, but also stylish and durable. Jacadi girl coats combine all these qualities and more. Discover our collection of timeless pieces to add to your baby's wardrobe.

A beautiful variety of baby girl coat models at Jacadi

Unlike parkas and baby girl jackets, which are light and suitable for mid-season, coats effectively cover your little one's body. They create a comforting and cosy cocoon in which your child is perfectly protected. At Jacadi, you will find long and mid-length models with varying thicknesses, always made from quality materials and chosen according to the weather and season.
From the mid-season canvas coat to the organic cotton-lined coat, to the knitted jacket, we have developed a wide range of references, in line with the needs of little ones. For maximum comfort and warmth, our baby girl coats all have a hood, sometimes removable.
Also, take a look at our lovely baby girl pilot suits with micropolar lining, to keep your child's body protected from the freezing cold. Not to mention the down jackets or duffle coats for girls...

A chic look in all weather

Choosing a Jacadi coat also means opting for quality and good taste. Solid seams, careful details, timeless style... We have designed our clothes so that they can live several lives. What could be more delightful than being able to pass on your child's outfits to future generations? Sell and find all second-hand clothes on our dedicated website: Jacadi Second Life.
In terms of style, fall for one of our flared coats in pastel colours, a colourful straight coat with fun patterns, or a more sober colour... Each creation imagined by our stylists has its own charm and lends itself to a different clothing style. They will undoubtedly inspire you to dress your baby.

How to choose the right size coat for a baby girl?

Your baby's coat should not only be stylish and warm. It is also essential that it is adapted to her size and morphology. Therefore, take your child's measurements and refer to the size guide, present on all "product" pages of the Jacadi website. You will find the size, as well as the hip, waist and chest measurements. This way, you can't go wrong. Size 0 is suitable for babies up to 50 cm. Beyond that, prefer a size 1 month (up to 54 cm).

How to wash and maintain a baby girl's coat?

Regarding washing and maintenance, strictly follow the instructions given on the label of your daughter's coat. Most coats can be machine washed up to 30°C, while others require dry cleaning. This is often the case for coats made of delicate materials, such as wool, for example. As for machine drying and ironing, if they are tolerated for some textiles, most of the time, a gentle temperature should be chosen.

How to match a baby girl's coat with other clothes to create an elegant look?

The baby girl's coat is essential for your child's comfort in cold weather and allows for multiple looks. To give your little one a chic appearance, combine it with a jean or Liberty trousers and a pretty pair of boots, ankle boots or fur-lined half-boots. You can also opt for ribbed tights under a wool skirt. For the final touch, think about accessories: knitted mittens and snood, hair clip... Your little girl will undoubtedly be the prettiest of all.