Discover the collection of faux-fur lined shoes for girls, baby and child. Quality, elegant and comfortable shoes for girls from size 20 to 39.
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Girl lined boots from £135.00

Sizes Available

Fur-lined shoes for girls: winter essentials

To keep feet warm during winter, fur-lined shoes for girls are a must-have. Neither too high nor too low, ankle boots and other tall boots are suitable for all girls, big or small. There are even models specially designed for babies learning to walk. Made from beautiful materials and of excellent quality, Jacadi's fur-lined shoes will elegantly complete your princess's wardrobe and help her brave the winter cold in style. Discover our original creations without further ado.

Feet warm all winter with our fur-lined shoes for girls

During a cold spell? With Jacadi's girl boots and ankle boots, your child's little feet will stay warm and be perfectly protected from freezing temperatures. Whether it's freezing, windy or snowy, the fur-lined shoes for girls developed by our stylists offer truly appreciable protective footwear.
Most of them come with a sheepskin collar and a genuine wool lining, a natural fibre with multiple advantages. Not only does natural wool contribute to sustainable development, due to its high resistance and resource preservation, but it is also an inherently warm material. Wool is indeed credited with incomparable insulating qualities.
Wool is also a healthy and hypoallergenic material. So there is no risk that your child will not tolerate it. Finally, wool is breathable and extremely soft to the touch, for a soothing effect. From her first steps in her new boots, your daughter will feel like she's walking on a cloud.

Jacadi boots and ankle boots: shoes designed for children

Often associated with little boys, these fur-lined shoes are available in extremely girly styles and are suitable for all little girls, even the most girly. At Jacadi, girl boots are designed to fit children of all ages, from their first steps to adolescence.
We have also developed fur-lined shoes for girls specially adapted for pre-walking. During this period, when your child starts standing, crawling and becomes increasingly curious about the world around her, it is important that she has good shoes on her feet. Shoes that keep her warm, but are flexible enough to prevent falls, and designed not to hinder the natural development of her little feet. This will allow her to gain her independence gently.

At Jacadi, there's an ankle boot for every foot

Our fur-lined shoes for girls are available in a wide range of sizes, from 20 to 39. To delight all little girls, they also come in various colours and materials. All more charming than the others, one thing is certain, Jacadi's girl boots and ankle boots will bring a breath of softness, tenderness and modernity to your little ones' wardrobe.
Emblematic of our brand, Liberty fabric, with its charming multicoloured floral prints, gently awakens some of our creations, including one directly inspired by mountain boots. For the first snowman, the first mountain holidays or the first snowball fights with friends, it's THE new essential.
A little more classic and very charming, our girl glittery suede ankle boots in navy blue will also be a great success in the park or playground. Also, fall for one of our patent leather insert models. With their ultra-trendy retro-chic style, there's no risk they'll go unnoticed.

Boots, practical shoes to put on and secure

With boots, there's no need for tedious lacing every morning. Even better: to make putting on and taking off easier, Jacadi adds a zip fastening to all its girls' fur-lined shoes. Discreetly located on the side of the ankle boot, on the inner face, it helps your child become independent. For a little girl, what could be more satisfying than taking off her shoes all by herself, like a grown-up, after school?
Not too high, boots also have the advantage of providing excellent ankle support while leaving your child's little feet free to move. For a walk in the forest, an afternoon in town, or for the journey between school and home... Our girl shoes adapt to your child's daily life and provide her with an inimitable style and elegance.