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5 Tips for a perfect first Preschool day for your child

Your child has grown so quickly... and now, they are already about to experience their very first day of school! A new chapter in the family's history that requires a bit of preparation and some adjustments. To help you approach it calmly and ensure that their first day of kindergarten goes smoothly, here are some helpful tips!

Familiarise your child with the school

During enrollment or just before the summer break, a visit is usually offered by the school. If possible, go with your child. They can then get to know their future teacher and explore the surroundings. On the day of the school start, it won't be entirely unfamiliar, and your child will feel more reassured.

Before the big day, feel free to pass by the school again to remind them of your previous visit. It is a good way to familiarise your child with their new living space!
Note: Get your little girl or boy accustomed to the school routine.
Soon, the long summer evenings and lazy mornings will be a distant memory. To get your child in the right mindset, try to establish regular waking and sleeping hours a few days before the start, ideally as close as possible to their new school schedule.

Reassure your child with a positive speech

When discussing the school start with your child, treat it as a stimulating and enriching experience. Emphasise that they will be able to engage in many activities, learn lots of things that will help them grow up, and make new friends. Also, don't hesitate to share your positive memories by telling them what you enjoyed doing in preschool: drawing, playing during recess, listening to lovely stories, learning to write your name. In short, be enthusiastic; it will make them eager to experience this as well.

Explain your child's school day schedule

Your little one has no idea about the flow of their school days. To prepare them, explain things, adapting your speech to their age and psychology. From activities to meal times, naptime to the person who will accompany them in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon, be clear and precise.


Buy essential clothes for your child's back to school

Back to school means stationery, but also new clothes! Indeed, to go to preschool, it is best to first assess your children's wardrobe.

Our first advice? Sort through the clothes: one pile for anything too small, damaged, or that you want to part with, another with what you want to keep. Avoid throwing away! There are now second-hand solutions to give away or sell what you no longer want.

Once this initial sorting is done, you will have a clearer idea of what your child really needs. Take advantage of the beginning of the school year to stock up on essentials that are both elegant and practical, allowing them to move freely: cotton blouses and tops, well-cut jeans, jackets, cosy knit jumpers or cardigans, iconic Liberty fabric dresses, for example. Elegant shoes or colourful trainers, also think about the footwear! At Jacadi, our craftsmanship promises your children comfort and quality all year round.

A sustainble Wardrobe for back to school

To build this new wardrobe, don't hesitate to visit our collections of chic and sustainble models, designed in carefully selected, quality materials that are more respectful of the planet. The road is long, but Jacadi is moving sustainably, step by step, towards less impactful clothing manufacturing for the environment.

Furthermore, by perpetuating French tradition and quality, with care given to materials, details, and finishes, Jacadi develops a sustainable wardrobe that is passed down from generation to generation and is suitable for everyday use among brothers, sisters, cousins or relatives. To avoid overconsumption and transmit to the younger generations a sense of chic and a taste for beauty!

New rhythm, new habits, new wardrobe – you're now ready to anticipate the stage of your child's back to school. If you have the opportunity, take the day off to be by their side in this special moment that you will remember for a long time!