Ceremony outfits

Jacadi says...

Yes, to couture chic!

From processions to family reunions, the season of ceremonies has begun! Spectacular flowers and vibrant colours refresh a couture wardrobe designed 'like a bouquet': chic outfits that highlight the excellence of the expertise and the art of colour, for precious moments shared with the family.

This season, Jacadi unveils the secrets of its in-house expertise: fine craftsmanship, precious materials, refined details and mastery of colour uniquely combine to create a collection conceived like a bouquet.

Precious materials

This season, precious satin and mikado taffeta highlight the vibrant colours of the couture chic ensembles and dresses.

Satin ensemble, from £110

Cut and couture inspiration

The ceremony dresses, with asserted style, are adorned with a large, geometric flat bow, showcasing exceptional in-house expertise.

Ceremony dress, from £75

Sophisticated petal collar

Timeless piece from the Jacadi workshop, the petal collar is the charming and sophisticated finish of dresses with graceful elegance.

Petal collar dress, from £65

Hand-embroidered smocks and permanent pleats

Since the begining, these meticulously hand-embroidered tight pleats have offered both volume and modern refinement to Jacadi dresses.

Pleated dress, from £75