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Baby's first days: 5 Tips for a serene return home

There it is, the baby has arrived, and the return home is imminent. Between excitement, happiness, and apprehension, emotions collide! For new parents, it is time to get organised: new landmarks, new challenges, the chapter that unfolds promises many surprises. How to accompany the little ones in their first days with the family, how to find one's place and preserve balance, follow our advice to prepare well and not forget anything!

Anticipate the return from the hospital

A few days after birth, it is time for the baby to return home. Know this, you will return to the family nest tired. That's why it is better to have things in order before your departure to the hospital: a nice space to welcome the baby (a room or a decorated corner), a baby set for the first weeks, and suitable childcare essentials . In terms of organisation, the watchword is to delegate! Ask for help and don't hesitate to involve the rest of the family in shopping or small household tasks. It is time for you to rest while enjoying your first days with the baby.

On the nutrition side, make sure to stock up on easy-to-prepare foods as your days will be busy. Try, as much as possible, to maintain a balanced diet with fresh, unprocessed products. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, whole grain bread, and proteins (meat or fish) are welcome. But no need to feel guilty: you can still indulge in your favourite chocolate in case of cravings, or order in if you feel tired!

Baby's first set for the homecoming

Just like your hospital bag for your stay at the maternity ward, it is better to have prepared the essentials your baby will need upon returning home. If you are not already equipped, discover the Jacadi newborn collection, composed of charming styles designed for the well-being and comfort of the baby. To be serene upon your return, plan at least:

  • • 6 to 8 cotton or velvet pajamas, depending on the season;
  • • 10 comfortable cotton bodysuits to avoid frequent laundry;
  • • 2 sleeping bags for peaceful sleep, as bedding (sheet, blanket, pillow) is not recommended for the baby's first months;
  • • 4 pairs of cozy little socks;
  • • 1 soft cotton hat to protect the baby's delicate head;
  • • 2 bathrobes to wrap them after bathing;
  • • 8 bibs to protect their little clothes during meals.

You can, of course, complement this list with your favourite Jacadi items: iconic bloomers, soft little slippers, and, of course, irresistible cuddly toys !

Sleep: Adopting the right habits with Baby

Be aware that newborns sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day when leaving the hospital. This emphasises the importance of the baby's sleep quality for their well-being. However, they still don't differentiate between day and night. That is why a few rules are needed to gently accustom them to the rhythm of the days. First and foremost, whether they have their own room or sleep in yours, your newborn should have an individual sleeping space, a small crib, cradle, or bassinet. In the evening, make the room dark by closing the shutters or using blackout curtains that you will open in the morning. Finally, of course, don't wake them up to feed. Rest assured, they will let you know when they are hungry!
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Pay attention to older siblings

Upon arrival, the baby will capture all your attention. But in this temporary upheaval, be careful not to neglect the older siblings, for whom the change is just as significant. Some of them may sometimes be more difficult or go through small phases of regression. Don't worry unnecessarily: they are trying to attract your attention in the face of this newborn who monopolises all your thoughts.

To preserve everyone's balance, several tips can help. First of all, involve them! Small household chores, preparing the bottle, or just big hugs—simply tell your children what you need! Feeling useful will make them grow and strengthen your bond. Additionally, you can plan special moments (outing, reading, preparing a meal) that will help them realise that they still matter just as much!

Take care of yourself

The risk after the baby's birth is to forget yourself. So, take the time for a reading, a walk, a moment just for you. Give yourself all the attention you deserve. Light a lovely, delicately scented Jacadi candle, run a bath, and enjoy! Recharging your batteries is essential in the long run.

Now you are ready to intensely enjoy your first weeks with the baby. Don't forget: nobody is perfect, and there is no magic recipe! Listen to yourself and trust yourself: things will fall into place at your own pace, without you even having time to notice!