Cradles to take baby everywhere, keeping him well protected and warm? Cradles with a subtle retro look, or with a contemporary style, fixed or movable... Discover the range of bassinets and cradles from Jacadi Paris. Order online this classic children's accessory, in a chic and contemporary version.

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The bassinet is an essential for baby's first weeks. Practical, light and easy to carry, it will welcome, protect baby and keep him warm... And if you haven't had time to find the cradle or cot that suited you before the birth, the bassinet will do the trick for the first few months!

You can order Jacadi bassinets and cradles with confidence. They comply with the strictest safety standards. But they are also designed by our team of Jacadi Paris stylists to fit in with the chic interior of your baby's room. The baby bassinet is a great classic of childcare accessories, and it is reinvented by Jacadi Paris, with a subtle retro look, or a contemporary style. In a fixed or movable version, the bassinet allows you to take baby everywhere, keeping him well protected and warm.

Jacadi bassinet

A baby's bassinet is like a cosy little nest that will protect baby from the wind and cold during his first months. A picnic in the shade of the garden? Slip baby into the bassinet. Do you want to keep baby close to you in the bedroom or living room? The Jacadi bassinet, with its subtly retro woven straw, is light to move around and will slip in anywhere. Made with the greatest care by Jacadi Paris, the bassinet can stay in baby's room, serve as a haven for his or her favourite toys, and why not, later on, be used again for a little brother or sister...

Jacadi cradles

With Jacadi, the cradle can be accessorised; a pretty veil, a discreet but colourful structure for a pretty geometrice effect. Choose the cradle you like for baby's first months. Structured in beautiful light wood for a retro look, or white matt varnish for a silhouette that will blend in with the interior's background. Wheels to move baby around the flat with you and always keep an eye on him, or a carefully measured rocking mechanism to gently put baby to sleep.

Accessories for bassinets and cradles

To raise the baby's bassinet, Jacadi offers supports: fixed or adjustable. Depending on the time of day and the configuration of your baby's room, you can adjust the height of your baby's bassinet: put it out of reach of pets, or on the contrary, set it low enough to be able to see your baby from your sofa during nap time.
The bassinet is also wrapped with softness, with the Jacadi Paris covers. A bassinet cover generally includes a light mattress, a pillow, and a duvet: as well as a filling for the pillow, the equivalent of a cot bumper, so that it is not in direct contact with the woven straw, but still surrounded with tenderness.

Discover our selection of bassinets and cradles from Jacadi Paris. This classic children's accessory, in a chic and contemporary version, can be ordered online.