The Jacadibunting : soft cocoons to keep baby warm and sheltered from draughts during the first weeks of their life... gentle colours or pristine white: order your bunting for baby and newborn Jacadi Paris online.
Scalloped linen angel's nest£95.00

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Angel's nest in Liberty fabric£99.00

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Baby nest 0-3 months£99.00

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Linen angel's nest£95.00

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The baby bunting, a stylish and practical accessory

On a walk or at home, your little one, well wrapped in their baby nest, stays perfectly sheltered from drafts. Like a sleeping bag, this accessory, equipped with a hood, covers the baby from head to toe, literally. In lightweight cotton for summer, lined and padded for winter: at Jacadi, find your happiness among our beautiful collection of baby buntings for girls and boys in soft colours.

When to put your baby in a bunting and how to choose the right one?

The baby nest can be used from birth and up to 3 months of your child's life. Some models are even suitable for 6-12 months. To ensure the greatest comfort for your little one, it is essential to choose the right size. This accessory should be neither too big nor too small, so that the baby does not "drown" in it while wriggling during sleep, or on the contrary, feel compressed. At birth, the baby bunting is about 60 cm. If this size seems too tight for the baby's morphology, do not hesitate to take the next size up, even if it means waiting for them to grow a little before wrapping them in it.
Next, if the primary function of the baby nest is to keep the baby warm, it is essential to choose one adapted to the ambient temperature. Some materials are more breathable and lighter compared to others. Cotton, for example, is more suitable for the warm season, while wool will protect them from harsh winters. Whatever the model chosen, our baby nests are designed to respect the delicate skin of the baby.

Baby bunting: what's the difference with the sleeping bag?

Like the baby bunting, the sleeping bag, also called a sleep sack, is halfway between a duvet and a pramsuit. However, there are some differences between these two accessories. The sleeping bag attaches at the shoulders, while the baby nest has a hood. The former is more intended for indoor use, the latter for outdoor use. Of course, depending on your needs, feel free to use them as you see fit.

A soft and reassuring baby bunting

The baby nest... what a poetic and gentle name! The baby nest is truly a cosy cocoon where the newborn will find sleep, warm and snug. The baby nest can be installed in the baby's cradle or Moses basket, where it will prevent them from uncovering themselves, up to 3 months. Do not hesitate to add it to the birth list or the baby set.
It is important, during the first months, to avoid all the accessories that will later delight the baby. Indeed, pillows and sheets could move and obstruct their breathing. For a fast-growing baby, you can opt for a sleeping bag, but a newborn will need a baby nest. It allows the baby to sleep without uncovering themselves, keeping them sheltered from the cold, and even in the warm season, from drafts.

Order your baby's nest online

Plain baby buntings, in a pretty soft grey, snow white, or with delicate patterns... Jacadi offers a range of baby nests designed in its Parisian workshop, combining style and softness. You can discover Jacadi's newborn baby nests in-store, or make your choice online and receive your items directly at home.