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In Winter, baby needs to be warm and protected from the wind. But he should not be too hot either... Don't worry it is not as complicated as it seems. Jacadi Paris designs, in the heart of our Parisian studio, winter looks, clothes and accessories, perfect for baby, girl or boy, to spend a chic and comfy winter... How to dress baby in the Winter? With this precious few tips.

To dress your baby in Winter: the onesie, a must-have!

It is more difficult for a baby to regulate his body temperature, compared to a bigger child or an adult. If you are wondering how to dress your baby in Winter, keep in mind that you need to be able to uncover him!
In Winter, we go from hot to cold; from the park to the house, from the street to stores...The trick is to dress baby up with breathable and insulating fabrics ( organic cotton bodysuits, baby jumpers...) and add a snowsuit to go out.
This baby fashion iconic piece is a must-have to dress baby in the WInter. With a zipper or a button, you can open up the snowsuit to let baby well covered but not too hot.
Jacadi baby pramsuits , for baby girl and baby boy, made with flannel, denim or nylon, are available in elegant and classic colors, or with delicate motifs, for a renewed pleasure and a perfect look during important occasions.
If the weather is really cold, you can add a pretty blanket on the stroller .

How to chose your baby's coat to dress him this Winter?

In Winter, a coat is essential to protect baby from the cold of course but also from the rain and wind. It is a must-have for baby to enjoy a sunny day! Here are some advice to compose baby's dressing:
- A good raincoat, wind and rain proof. It is the perfect transitional piece. With a chic wool sweater underneath, (baby girl jumper or baby boy sweater ) baby will be comfortable during warmer days.
-A down jacket or a warm coat, when the temperatures drop. Don't forget that baby is laying still in his stroller, before he can walk, while you are walking and exercising...
-Always keep in baby's diaper bag a blanket to cover him during an unexpected cold spell or if the stroll is dragging on.

How to dress baby in the WInter, to stay chic and cozy?

Dressing baby for the WInter without compromising on style… is not that tricky with Jacadi! The Parisian brand creates accessories both stylish and playful, timeless yet modern. Choose a snowsuit or a baby coat in a solid color: a nice navy blue, a soft gray, a deep red, colorblock. To compose a unique style for your baby and be ready for outdoors conditions, you can play with accessories. Beanie, scarf, mittens or gloves, tights: in Winter, baby accessories make all the difference.

And for bigger children, discover Jacadi coats for boys and girls , if you want to learn more about our cosy winter coats it is here! .